music videos

Iron & Smoke

I’ve not had the best of days. But this has been getting me through it. Recommended by my aunt (who’s long had the best ear for music in my family, much to the embarrassment of my 17 year-old cousin), this is outstanding–and the video is beyond stunning.

I’ve been playing it all afternoon, and I’ve watched the video at least a dozen times. It’s made my day better.

Oh, and I like the owl best.


Around… and around… and around…

It’s probably not my favourite Daft Punk video. It’s not even my favourite Daft Punk song. Even so, it’s a shiny little disco-glittered, whacked-out piece of genius.

When it was first released, I thought it went on too long–but as time’s gone on, I’ve realised I can quite happily sit there watching it for hours. There’s something utterly mesmeric about it.

(I like the mummies best…)

No Control Left to Lose

I’ve been mighty wordy this week, so it’s time for light relief in the shape of the ¬†Friday music blog. It’s also a little more testosteronealicious than most of this week’s posts.

You know how much I love Pendulum, right? And you know how much I enjoy their videos. This one is one of their strongest recent offerings: going back to a plot-driven format, but with a fractured narrative. It’s a perfect match for Rob Swire‘s lyrics (he always strikes me as being massively underrated as a lyricist because the kidz are all about da dub-beats. Or something.) and in all honesty, it’s almost exactly what I’ve seen in my head since I first heard the song.

Ladies & gentlemen: “Crush”.

Cameo Friday

No, not that one.

If you’re a regular here (or if you’ve ever seen my ipod – it’s easy to spot… it’s purple, permanently overloaded and the headphones are a bit knackered. And it has skulls stuck to it. Well, it would, wouldn’t it?) then you’ll know I’m a big fan of this band and I’ve been in a fizzing fervour of a frenzy waiting for the new album. It’s fantastic. Big and sprawling and noisy–and fun. I love it.

Nor do I only love the album: I love the look of it, and I love the videos. Particularly this one, which has put me in a happy geek place for most of the week, because there–side by side–are two of my favourite comic writers.

One’s dead easy, because he’s, like, Gerard Way. The other one… well, you tell me.

(Yet again, it’s a click-through to Youtube, because we all know that record companies think the internet is the devil. Must try harder – and I promise I’ve been looking for one that doesn’t send me bouncing all over teh interwebz in order to link it. Honest)

Now all I need to do is find a music video with Steve Niles and Mike Carey in and I’ve got the set….

What’s that you say? Oh, Neil’s covered.

Creepy. Especially the tambourine.

Park Life

It was inevitable that you’d get a Linkin Park track today, given that I went to their gig on Wednesday (more about that another time… it is Friday, after all). Suffice to say they were brilliant, and I went hoarse singing along with this song. Handily, the anime video ties in nicely with the general Art Week theme I’ve had going: it was directed by band-member Joe Hahn (who I had no idea had bought the rights to King Ratnow there’s some unexpected coolness for the weekend), and supervised by Kazuto Nakazawa.

Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit

If anime’s not your bag, there’s a second video – a rehearsal performance, which is here.

Interestingly, I always thought this was one of Chester‘s songs – for obvious reasons – but it turns out it was actually all Mike Shinoda‘s work, which is just freaky. Anyway. Enough of me.

Have a great weekend.