My brain’s slightly broken, and sentences are a bit of a challenge today. I keep forgetting to put in those, umm, things. You know. Whoozits. Whatchamacalls. Verbs. Yes: those. And the other ones. Nouns.


Instead, I give you The Number. It’s like “Lost”, only not.


If you’ve not come across it before, go Google, and see what you come up with.

Tip: you might find an image search works best.

A post-publish note: I’m reinstating the link for the 241543903 site – but I’m told that Avast is bringing up a Trojan warning for it. (And while I’m all for Eric Bana in a skirt….) The owner of the site assures me it’s all clear, so possibly it’s just a glitch. I’ll leave it up to you, but it’s a fun meme, and a great collection of the pictures it spawns!