Today the internet…

So, who wants to hear me talking? No, really. On the off-chance you’ve not had enough of my wittering on here, you can actually listen to me waffling on (with the lovely Stephen Aryan trying to steer me vaguely in the direction of sense…) on the first Head Space podcast, which went up yesterday.

I’ve tried to listen to it (to idiot-check it, at least) but I haven’t yet been able to make it all the way through. It’s the sound of my voice, you see – I sound so much posher than I thought, and so terribly, terribly British! From what I could gather on Twitter yesterday, pretty much everyone feels exactly the same when they hear their own voices recorded. Is there anyone out there who sounds like they think they do? Or prefers the sound of their voice the way others hear it? Terrifying.

There have been a couple more reviews of BLOOD AND FEATHERS: one from Elitist Book Reviews, which was very cool and incredibly insightful (if a touch spoilerish in that last paragraph… consider that fair warning if you want to go in pretty cold…) who called it, amusingly, an “anti-Twilight” and said:

This is urban fantasy, colored in plenty of shades of blood-spattered moral gray. Morgan’s angels are vengeful, ferocious, and downright psychotic.

You can read the full review – spoilers and all – here.

A Fantastical Librarian has also posted a review, which is fab – and quite rightly mentions Pye Parr’s gorgeous cover art. I think my favourite part of it was this:

if it were possible to enter a book and explore its universe on your own, we could just walk in there and find it fully formed.

… but again, you can read the full review here.

I’m enormously grateful to everyone who takes the time to review the book, and to put their reviews online – and I’m obviously over the moon that it seems to be getting such an encouraging reaction so far. It means a lot.

In other news, Americans! I believe we are now a “GO” for publication… which means you should be able to find BLOOD AND FEATHERS… well, everywhere. So spread the word and catch an angel. Before they get away.

To celebrate, the Qwillery invited me on to the site to talk a little bit about the book, about writing, research and inspiration. They’re also running a giveaway, so if you want to win a copy, head on over and enter.

And finally, you can also find me talking about life as a debut author over at The Debut Review: including the road to publication and just how the editing process messes with your head…

Actually – one more thing. Very, very finally, thanks to for mentioning BLOOD AND FEATHERS in their round-up of July releases.


An Assembly of Angels

It’s been a really exciting (and busy) couple of days, and I can’t quite believe how fast they’ve gone. Or how fast the release date for BLOOD AND FEATHERS is hurtling towards me!

The biggest thing for me, amongst a few big things, is that the first review for the book came in, and I’m absolutely thrilled. My Bookish Ways said:

… expertly weaves fantasy and horror elements into a creepy, exciting, roller coaster ride of a book. Lou Morgan’s angels aren’t warm, fluffy, and halo’d, either. They’re fiercely beautiful warriors, and distinctly “other.” The angel mythos is fascinating and rich, and the author has laid the groundwork for what promises to be an explosive sequel

(You can read the full review here.)

Basically, this brought a huge smile to my face – and not just because it’s a lovely review. It’s because it’s the first sense that other people have read the book: people I don’t know and who don’t know me, and that it’s now out there on its own. Being its own thing and standing by and for itself. It’s terrifying exciting. And it’s wonderful. The fact that the first review I’ve seen is also so positive just adds to the whole thing.

Kristin, who runs My Bookish Ways, was also kind enough to invite me to waffle on about all manner of things from medieval art to Prince Hal to angels via the City of London, and you can read that here.

If you’ve not yet had enough of me waffling (some of you have tremendous stamina, I know) then you can also join in the Friday Five fun on Pornokitsch. Every week, they ask a couple of people to choose 5 of something, and this week it’s… yep, you guessed it: angels.

I particularly love that Castiel has made 2 out of the 3 lists, proving that he really is All The Awesome. It also reminded me of something I found on Etsy yesterday which I reallyreallyreally want:

Knitted Castiel

He may be just about the coolest thing ever. Seriously.


Until someone knits a Mallory, that is…

Little Epiphanies

It’s my son’s birthday. He’s 3 today, and I honestly can’t work out where the time’s gone.

Actually, that’s not entirely true: I know most of it’s been spent swearing, crawling round the floor (I’ve gone through the knees of five pairs of jeans in that time) and doing washing. There seems to be an endless march through the kitchen of clothes in need of a damn good clean these days. No-one warned me about that.

Also, while we’re on the subject, no-one thought to warn me that the smaller the socks, the easier they are to lose–and I was already a champion league sock-loser. There’s something almost zen about it.

Still. Three whole years. And in that time, he’s gone from a tiny wrinkled blue thing to a smart little boy who asks me why it’s dark at night (“Because it’s night time, and it goes dark at night.”… “But, why?”… “Because the sun goes to bed at night, because it’s tired.”… “But, why?” “Because.”… “But, why?”… “Because Mama needs a gin. Shhh.” Apparently I should be grateful: when I was 3, I turned around and asked my parents: “How did carrots first get on the Earth?” I’m not entirely convinced that I wouldn’t answer the same question with “Tralfamadorians“) and who told his first joke last week. Granted, it was one wholly plagiarised from Gigglebiz, but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

As it turns out, he’s not the only person I know celebrating today: big birthday cheers to my friend Andie, and to the lovely Guy Adams.

Rod Rees, too, has cause to be happy today: it’s publication day for Winter: the first volume of “The Demi-Monde“. Long-time readers of the blog (especially if you’ve come from the old Tumblr site) will know I’ve been behind this book since I heard about it in March. Rod was kind enough to send me a proof of it during the summer, and I couldn’t put it down. It’s a glorious romp, and I’m intensely jealous I didn’t think of it first. Or ever, because I can’t even begin to imagine how he fits it all into his head. And there’s another three to come…

I interviewed Rod for the British Fantasy Society a couple of months ago. The full interview, with much more insight into how the Demi-Monde functions, and the challenges of writing it, will appear in a future issue of the BFS Journal. For now, though, you can read a short version on the BFS website.

Big day. I’m off for a glass of champagne.

Linkage & Pimpage

Quick bonus blog linkage for you this morning: Vincent Chong talks about his career and his influences over at Macabre Cadaver.

I love Vincent’s work (and fully credit the print of his I’ve got in the living room for freaking out everyone who comes to the house. Win!) and this is a great interview. He deserves every one of those awards he’s won, and regularly updates his blog with details of his current projects–so you should probably read it.

Just sayin’.