Forgotten Love

I rediscovered this song the other day. Shocking I’d forgotten it, really: I’m a closet U2 fan (shhhh!) – or at least I was until Bono went all “Lookit! I’m the Messiah!” on us. But that’s another story.

Back when they were good, by far their best album was Achtung, Baby. And this is the last song from it.


It makes me wish someone was waltzing me round a mirrored ballroom, lit only by candles.

Suppose I should learn to dance sometime really, shouldn’t I..?

*Girly sigh*


Bring the Noise

I realise I’ve posted quite a lot of music-y entries lately, so I thought it might be a good time to do something which is both largely the same and completely different.

I’ve been forced – forced, I tell you – to upgrade to itunes v. 10, and so I’ve been faffing around in my music library and playlists and quite by accident selected the playlist that I’ve used for my last WIP (what’s the past tense of work-in-progress, I wonder?).

These are the songs I listened to while I was first writing, then editing, shredding and weeping over it, then piecing it all back together. I’ve seen a few “Writing Playlist” blogs recently, and I always find them interesting… so apropos of nothing, here’s mine.

It might well not mean much (other than to my lovely, lovely beta readers and the other exceptionally brave souls who’ve asked to read the manuscript, and to be honest, it might well not mean much to them, either!) but you know I always enjoy an opportunity to bang on about my favourite noises. And you never know, you might find something new in there. So, in no particular order…

OneRepublic: All the Right Moves

The Pretty Reckless: Make Me Wanna Die

Fort Minor: Believe Me

Fort Minor: Slip Out the Back

LostProphets: It’s Not the End of the World

Audio Bullys: Only Man (Jakwob remix)

Linkin Park: Burning in the Skies

Linkin Park: When They Come For Me

Linkin Park: New Divide

Unicorn Kid: Dreamcatcher

Pendulum: The Island, Part I & II

Pendulum: Watercolour (Rob Swire’s Drumstep remix)

Rammstein: Ich Tut Dir Weh

My Chemical Romance: Bulletproof Heart

My Chemical Romance: The Only Hope for Me is You

Lady Gaga: Teeth

Dead by Sunrise: Walking in Circles

Clint Mansell: Dead Reckoning

Chase & Status feat. Plan B: End Credits

Yeah. It turned into that kind of story.

No Plan A

I’m fond of a bit of noise, me, and lately, I’ve been listening to Chase & Status‘s new album, “No More Idols”. It’s a bit muddled in places, but there’s enough on there to keep me happy for the time being.

As it happens, I’m absolutely besotted with this song, “End Credits“, which features my deeply-inappropriate-and-slightly-baffling musical crush of the moment, Plan B (which I suspect is entirely down to this song, now I come to think about it, as I’m not too fussed about the Strickland Banks record).

(The film clips, by the way, are from Harry Brown.)

Iron & Smoke

I’ve not had the best of days. But this has been getting me through it. Recommended by my aunt (who’s long had the best ear for music in my family, much to the embarrassment of my 17 year-old cousin), this is outstanding–and the video is beyond stunning.

I’ve been playing it all afternoon, and I’ve watched the video at least a dozen times. It’s made my day better.

Oh, and I like the owl best.

The Record Books

Ever wondered what your favourite Pixies, Bob Dylan or Michael Jackson album would look like as a book?

Probably not.

But someone has…

I think the Prince one is my favourite, but the Arcade Fire one makes me laugh…

More here, and more detailed pictures here.


You Know What This Needs?

And no, it’s not more cowbell.

It needs a bunch of kids standing around in a wood, staring at a weather balloon, while a woman tromps around wearing either period costume or a sparkly minidress with half a bird on her head.

Odd sort of concept for a music video.

That’s not to say I don’t like it – I do, very much. I’ve got a weakness for Breton music (the product of too many summers spent over in Finisterre growing up) but I’ve only just discovered Nolwenn Leroy, thanks to Kari Sperring. Apparently she’s the sign of a summer of Big Breton Things to come.

Menhirs, maybe?

That song has buried itself neatly in my head–and only now, after half a dozen viewings, am I wondering why it makes me think of Brotherhood of the Wolf.

It’s the woods, isn’t it?

Speaking of which, go on. Really explore the studio space

Around… and around… and around…

It’s probably not my favourite Daft Punk video. It’s not even my favourite Daft Punk song. Even so, it’s a shiny little disco-glittered, whacked-out piece of genius.

When it was first released, I thought it went on too long–but as time’s gone on, I’ve realised I can quite happily sit there watching it for hours. There’s something utterly mesmeric about it.

(I like the mummies best…)

No Control Left to Lose

I’ve been mighty wordy this week, so it’s time for light relief in the shape of the ¬†Friday music blog. It’s also a little more testosteronealicious than most of this week’s posts.

You know how much I love Pendulum, right? And you know how much I enjoy their videos. This one is one of their strongest recent offerings: going back to a plot-driven format, but with a fractured narrative. It’s a perfect match for Rob Swire‘s lyrics (he always strikes me as being massively underrated as a lyricist because the kidz are all about da dub-beats. Or something.) and in all honesty, it’s almost exactly what I’ve seen in my head since I first heard the song.

Ladies & gentlemen: “Crush”.

Forcing the Bellows

I’ve been into Bellowhead for a couple of years now – lured in by their slightly raucous take on folk music (which, going by the amount of hookers, ladies of ill-repute and streetwalkers who seem to feature in their songs should probably be called f**k music…) but lots of friends have caught onto them since their sterling performance on Jools Holland’s New Year show. And rightly so.

This one’s an earworm: once it burrows in, you’ll have to drag it out by the tail – and even then you’ll still be singing it…

Zzzap! Crackle! Pop!

How do you start a year that follows the one I just had? I mean, I turned 30; went to my first convention back in March (WHC); liked it so much I went to a bunch more; met some wonderful new friends and even more great new people; had a handful of stories published and generally learned more about writing, publishing and–to be honest–life in about 9 months than I’d learned in the 9 years before them. I got to go to New York, too. That was pretty good.

And then there was the now-infamous “Marshall-Smith / Gaiman fangirl” incident in Brighton when one of my absolute heroes introduced me to the other of my absolute heroes and I melted. Seriously. There was hugging, and gibbering, and me generally failing to be cool on every conceivable level (and Vinny Chong is still taking the piss out of me for it.)

So, I ask you: how do you follow a year like that?

Well–you could do worse than to start with musical Tesla coils.

Lookit! It’s science, but better: it’s brilliant!

(It gets better, too: watch what happens when this guy starts jumping up & down…)

And that, ladies & gentlemen, is how we ring in 2011. With music that could kill you.