Don’t go to sleep…

With their wealthy parents and expensive homes in the exclusive Barbican complex at the heart of the City of London, Izzy Whedon and her friends at The Clerkenwell School seem like they have it all… but success comes at a price.

As the pressure of the upcoming exams gets too much, Izzy and the others resort to taking a “study drug” they find on the internet – and by the time they realise there are side effects, it’s already too late. When one of the group disappears, the others discover the horrifying truth behind their miracle pills.

Plagued by hallucinations and paranoia, they learn there’s only one way out: to stay awake until the drugs are out of their systems.

If, that is, they can last that long…..

In ebook from October 2014 and paperback January 2015 from Stripes Publishing, as part of the RED EYE series of YA horror books…

For an extract, visit the DoYAReadMe Tumblr.

Please see the official press release and the trade announcement in The Bookseller for further details.


new sleepless



  1. Hello , my names Emily im such a big fan of the Red Eye books , I loved your Sleepless book and really enjoyed reading twist and plot in the story line.
    Do you know if you will be writing another story for the red eye book at all , like Alex Bell did.
    I would love to know , thank you ,

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for the comment – I’m so pleased you enjoyed Sleepless.

    At the moment, I’m not writing another Red Eye (although I’m definitely reading them!) but I love writing that kind of book, so never say never…

    Keep an eye on the blog, too: I’ll update it with any news about future books.

  3. hello. are you making a seuqel to sleepless as a reallyenjoyed it but it was left on a cliffhanger AND I HATE THEM. please say yes because im dying to know why izzy giggled

  4. Sorry to hear you hate cliffhangers – I’m evil, so I quite like them! Sleepless is a stand-alone, but my favourite horror stories are always ones that leave things open to interpretation: why do YOU think Izzy giggled – and what do you think happened next?

    (That being said, when The Opposite of You comes out, people who’ve read Sleepless might spot some familiar faces making a quick cameo…)

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