The Return of the Black Dove

You might remember a while back, Jurassic London launched their series of anthologies with Pandemonium: Tales of the Apocalypse. Stories of destruction, chaos and… John Martin. It was an anthology I was very proud to be part of – I say “was” because, as is the way with Jurassic anthologies, it went out of print after one year. This meant my story in there, At the Sign of the Black Dove… apocalypsed.

Until now.

It appears in this week’s episode of the Tales to Terrify podcast, read by Simon Hildebrandt (the story starts at around the 24:00 minute mark if you want to skip straight to it) – and while I’ve still not entirely got used to the idea of someone reading out my stories – and you know, my actual words – he does an amazing job.

As well as the website. you should be able to get it via iTunes, too: search for the Tales to Terrify podcast and look for episode 71.

It’s the story of a group of friends who wander into their local pub one night for a drink, and find that they’ve got more than a hangover to worry about the next morning.

So if you missed it as part of Pandemonium and you’d like to hear it now (or maybe you’re brave enough to venture back to the Black Dove…) click away… and bottoms up.

If, by the way, you can ever get your hands on one of the limited edition hardcovers, I really do recommend it – and not purely because I was involved in it. There are some incredible stories in there by incredible writers, and you won’t be disappointed.


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