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It’s less than 2 months to the release of BLOOD AND FEATHERS: REBELLION (eeeeeeep!) on July 9th, so I’m going to do one more giveaway. This one’s a little different to last time.


Because as well as a signed copy of the first book, I’m giving away the opening chapter of the REBELLION manuscript, marked up with notes and amendments.

This means that you’ll be able to see the changes between the draft I sent to Solaris and the text that will appear in the finished book, giving you an insight into the edits we made – as well as getting a look at the first chapter before anyone else.

Publishing being the modern and new-fangled thing that it is, all my edits are sent through in soft-copy. However, me being the Luddite that I am, I always work in hard-copy, and transfer everything back onto the screen. This does, unfortunately, mean that you’ll be getting pages covered in my scrawl, but hey.

All you have to do is tell me where you think you belong.

I’ll explain…

In the world of BLOOD AND FEATHERS, the angels are divided into choirs. Each choir has their own specific talents and gifts.

Every choir has a part to play in the battle.

Michael’s choir – like the Archangel who leads them – are the elite soldiers. They’re known for their loyalty and their single-mindedness… and the fact they tend to burst into flame. Quick to anger, they’re by far the smallest choir, but are almost certainly the strongest.

Gabriel’s choir are able to control lightning (and, by extension, electricity). They often come across as aloof and detached… but they’re simply considering all their options, and it gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to emotional situations.

Speaking of emotions: next comes Zadkiel’s choir. Able to manipulate memories, thoughts and feelings, they can read your mind – or make you see exactly what they want. It’s a more useful trick than you’d imagine. Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think…

If you’re a gambler, it pays to have Barakiel on your side. His choir are, generally speaking, lucky. This manifests itself in funny ways: some of his choir are always in the right place in the right time, some can influence the outcome of a fight or a hand of poker… some keep getting themselves in a mess. The thing is, they always get out again.

Raphael is a healer.Β They say time heals everything? They mean “Raphael”. Many of his choir are also healers – and others are empaths. Able to feel what others around them feel – not to alter or influence, like Zadkiel’s choir, but to understand. Sometimes, though, feeling what others feel hurts...

And then there’s the Fallen. The outsiders. The rebels. Dangerous and desperate, how many of them wish they could go back and make different choice – and how many of them like things just the way they are?


See? Easy.

Which choir do you think you would belong to, and why?

I’d love to know!


You can leave a comment on this post, tweet me or mail me. I’ll randomly draw one response this Sunday, May 19th. I’ll also collect all the entries and put them on the blog a bit further down the line – along with my own answer.

Choose your choir.

The REBELLION is coming.



  1. Michael’s choir, I think. Fire is completely my element (it’s all over my various zodiac signs). Also, I just might have a bit of a temper…

  2. The choir of Barakiel all the way. I stumble from one bizarre circumstance to another, and bank on luck to get by. Besides, having an archangel of luck on side can’t hurt when it comes to winning competitions.

  3. Gabriel’s choir, definitely. I like to have the time to mull things over before reacting (though this can be a bit of a disadvantage in normal conversation as I generally only think of responses 3 hours after the conversation’s over!) Also the lightning/electricity thing would be cool. πŸ˜‰

  4. Definitely Gabriel’s. Some time after I started my current job, I found out people thought I looked very aloof and a bit scary, which I thought was hilarious since I’m 5 foot nothing in heels and was absolutely terrified. Also, techy stuff seems to stop working around me for no apparent reason. Perhaps I haven’t learnt to control my powers yet πŸ˜‰

  5. I am thinking it might depend on how my day went, how many rude drivers I had to put up with, and how many disasters I had to deal with on the job. It might be influenced by how much I want a glass of scotch and how much scotch I actually have. I am also sure there is some relationship to how close it is to dinner time and whether or not I remembered to defrost something or, wait, these things all make me feel kind of smitey, but since I rarely smite…. Gabriel’s.

  6. Raphael’s choir. I’m a carer and have been told that I’m a good listener. I tend to pick up on how people are feeling even before they tell me. Also quite emotional too.

  7. Raphael’s choir–Just like Mallory. Like it or not, I’m a healer in one way or another and despite the fact that oftentimes I crave the aloofness of Gabriel’s angels or the sheer potential for control attributed to Zadkiel’s regiment, healing is in the blood. Being a healer is painful by nature and yet I’d not give it up for the world.

    1. Nicely put. I’m sure Mallory would approve πŸ™‚

      And congratulations – you’re my winner! You can mail me via the contact page, or DM me via Twitter, but I’ll need your postal address to send you your prize.

  8. I believe I would be in Gabriel’s choir, as I very often act like I am not paying attention or that I am not listening, when the opposite is nearly always true. Even my wife would say that I come across, to strangers, as ’emotionally detached’, however she knows I use this as a sort of defence mechanism.

    1. I know what you mean: sometimes, a little distance is a good thing. And in my experience, when someone doesn’t *look* like they’re listening, it usually means they’re paying a lot more attention than you think… πŸ˜‰

  9. Barakiel’s. Number of times I got just what I needed when it seemed impossible…either I have a lucky angel on my side or I just look for stuff in more places than is reasonable. Maybe those are both the same thing.

  10. Thank you for all your awesome answers! I’d very much like to collect them all for a blog post in a couple of weeks – if you’d rather I didn’t, then let me know here.

    It looks like Gabriel might *just* have the edge…

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