World Book Day

As you’ll doubtless be aware, today is World Book Day.

A whole day, all about books. (You can probably imagine just how happy this concept makes me.) 

To celebrate, here’s a list of a few books I’ve either read & enjoyed recently, or have on my “Readmereadmereadme!” pile, all of which come heartily recommended.

Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl

Will Hill: the Department 19 series (as a bonus, there’s a D19 story available as part of the World Book Day YA app…)

Warren Ellis: Gun Machine

James Smythe: The Explorer

Laura Lam: Pantomime

Kim Curran: Shift

Cressida Cowell: the How to Train Your Dragon series.


And on the “Read me very soon” pile…

Tanya Byrne: Heart Shaped Bruise

Gaie Sebold: Dangerous Gifts

Emma Newman: Between Two Thorns


Any and all of these books will repay your love with their stories, their characters and their worlds.

Happy reading!

(By the way, if you want to keep track of what I’m reading this year, I’m trying to keep a record of every book over on my Pinterest board. It’s a really good idea – which needless to say I’ve nicked from someone else, because it’s far too clever for me…)


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