Month: January 2013

You Know His Name…?

Because it’s Tuesday and (here, at least) it’s raining – and because I know how much you enjoyed the last Hawkeye mash-up video… have another one.

That Barton certainly gets around, doesn’t he?




What’s Pye Parr up to now…?



By the way, if you’re interested in reading a bit more about how Pye works, and how the first BLOOD AND FEATHERS cover evolved, there’s a really detailed interview with him over on the Shewolf reads site, including his mock-ups for concepts which didn’t quite make the cut…

“In the End”

So, I was channel-surfing last night and landed on the video for the Black Veil Brides song, In The End. Which I immediately loved. And which just seemed so incredibly Mallory-ish that it made me smile.

Also, it’s an excellent air-guitar song.

If you want to see the awesomely overblown video (where do they plug in their equipment out in the desert?!) you’ll find it here (I’ve not been able to get it embed, annoyingly), or if you just want to listen, you can click on the unofficial static video I have managed to get to work…


Snowflakes and Angels

As part of The Great Relocation of 2013 (don’t ask), I’m currently holed up in a beautiful village in the South-West of England.

It was already pretty when I got here on Sunday afternoon – all old houses and mellow stone and leaded windows – but like most of the UK this morning we’ve woken up to a beautiful covering of snow.

So naturally, I went to the churchyard.

Like you do.


snow churchyard

snow church



I’ve been asked once or twice why Mallory lives in the back of a church in BLOOD AND FEATHERS – but looking at this, it’s hard to imagine anywhere that would suit him better.

Alias Hawkeye

I like back-story. I believe all characters should have one: whether it ends up on the page or the screen, or whether it stays in a notebook or in their creator’s head. Our past makes us what we are, and I tend to believe the same is true of people who are completely made-up too. (And I have the Notebooks Full Of Crazy to prove this when it comes to my own writing. Mallory had a back-story before he got anywhere near his guns…)

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying some of the fanficesque character mash-ups I’ve found on Youtube lately.

The rules seem to be pretty simple: take a character in a film, and use other films featuring the same actor to build a backstory for your choice.

Some of them are mental. Some of them are nothing short of brilliant.

Ages ago, I posted the “David’s Initiation” video I found, which sets up STAND BY ME as a prequel to THE LOST BOYS (what did I say? Brilliant) and now I’ve got a new favourite:

Everyone is Clint Barton Undercover:


How cool is that? They’re all Hawkeye!

The sound’s a bit of a shambles, but frankly, I don’t care. Bonus points for the clever use of Samuel L. Jackson there. Seriously.

So cool.