Bring the Joy

I have flu. Yay. I made it as far as the afternoon of Christmas Day, and then it sideswiped me. By ten o’clock, I was hunched in the corner of the sofa, wrapped in three blankets and making pathetic “meep” noises. I was also watching THE BOURNE LEGACY, and I can tell you I have never empathised so deeply with a character as I did with Aaron Cross, sweating his virus-mojo out in Manilla. Brother, I was right there with you.

Anyway. Viruses and chems and festive woes aside, I wanted to say thank you.

Just before Christmas, I went all serious and emotional for a bit and wrote a blog about depression and therapy and medication and… stuff.  And I put it online and assumed that most people would be far too busy doing Christmassy things to notice it, but that maybe one or two would see it – and that maybe it would be helpful.

As it turned out, rather a lot of people saw it.

And rather a lot of people got in touch – many of them privately – about it.

I wouldn’t dream of directly repeating what anyone said, but I heard from far more of you than I expected. People who’ve been on medication. People just starting it. People just coming off it. People who’ve had long-term treatment. People who’ve had short-term treatment. People who’ve had, are starting or are undergoing therapy.

So many people.

While their stories and their experiences are their own – each as individual as the person sharing them – it proved one very important thing: if you are suffering from depression, if you are undergoing treatment or think you might need it… you are not alone.

Bearing that in mind, here’s an idea.

Like pretty much everyone else with a blog, I was planning on writing an end-of-year post. You know the sort of thing: this happened in this month, and I did this, and went there and… yadda yadda yadda.

But I’m kind of tired of talking about me. (I know, right? It’s the flu talking. Must be.) I’d like to talk about you. About us. So tell me about your year.

Tell me something good that happened to you this year. Something that brought you joy. It can be a big thing, or a little thing or anywhere in between. Personal, professional, sensible, silly… it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it made you happy.

Tell me what it was, and who you are, and I’ll include it in that end of year post. You can leave a comment on this entry, or mail me via the contact form, or tweet me (and if you can include #bringthejoy, that would be super-helpful). I warn you, if there aren’t enough, I’m just going to have to go ahead and talk about me anyway – and no-one wants that, do they?

You have until the morning of New Year’s Eve.

So let’s end the year the same way we start the new one.

With joy. With optimism. With hope…

… And with each other.


One comment

  1. I’m going to cheat and go with two, but they’re connected:) The first is Marguerite, and the fact I got to spend the Summer with her in California and then move back to a new part of the UK and start a life here. 2012 was a year of huge risk after huge risk for us both and we ran headlong at them, hand in hand and I’ve never been happier. Plus she’s a huge goofball and MASSIVE fun to sit next to at concerts:) I love her completely:)

    The second is that, thanks to her, and our new start, I’m finally getting my work together. I swore off fiction, because it was making me miserable, months ago and ended up doing NanoJourno instead of NaNoWriMo. I wrote 135,000 words in one month, clearing my decks and setting me up for 2012. After years of being crippled with indecision and distraction and insecurity, of feeling like the unwanted, unneeded, incompetent party guest, I know, with absolute certainty that I can do this, I’m good at this. It’s a baseline level of confidence I’ve never had before and that may be why I signed up to Colin Barnes’ 1,000,000 words in 2013 challenge. I didn’t have that confidence before I met her and it’s incredible to feel it now.

    A million words? Yeah, let’s DO THIS.

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