The Angels Are Here…

The launch day for BLOOD AND FEATHERS is here.

It’s almost exactly a year since I got the mail from Solaris telling me they wanted to publish the book, and that time’s been taken up with the most incredible journey. (I know. I went down the “journey” route. Get me, right?)

The editing, the reading, the re-reading, the re-editing, the re-writing, the planning… the sheer amount of hard work. And not just mine, but everyone who’s had a hand in this somewhere, and particularly the lovely team at Solaris – Jon Oliver, Ben Smith, David Moore, Pye Parr and Michael Molcher.

Without them, I wouldn’t be able to say all this.

So thank you. And thank you to everyone who’s been so supportive. It’s been an incredible ride so far… and this is only the start.


Now I hand them over to you. Alice, Mallory, Vin… all the angels. They’re yours. Take good care of them, and I hope that maybe someone out there will love them as much as I’ve come to.



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