Blood & Feathers: Meet the Angels

… and the Fallen, and everyone in between.

You might have noticed the site for BLOOD AND FEATHERS which is now up and running (well… maybe not running. Sort of… strolling. Possibly along a sunny pavement beside the Seine on an unseasonably warm Tuesday afternoon in April. But that’s beside the point) and has actual things on it.

There’s still more to go up, but there’s the beginnings of bios for the main characters, and over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a few others – mainly a snippet of dialogue here and there for some of the major players. Nothing spoilery, but as something of an Easter egg for everyone who tolerates my online gibberish.

There’ll also be an FAQ going up there – which admittedly won’t be terribly busy for a while yet… but if there’s anything you do want to know about the characters or the settings or anything like that, feel free to ask and that’s where the answers will go.

At some point over the next couple of weeks, there will also be a (very) short story about one of the main characters in the book hiding on there – again, as a thank you for listening to the rambling and wittering… and for your support, because it really does mean a lot.

The plan is for that to become a site for the book(s) – plural, now we’re counting Rebellion… and I’ll just let Dean cover my feelings for that one…

… so, um, yes. I’ll keep adding bits to it, so do check in once in a while.

Also, while I remember, I was very excited to guest-blog on the Qwillery site the other week, talking about playlists and writing to music (and the perils therein…). (The B&F playlist is, of course, on the B&F site…)


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