Month: May 2012

The Blurbs

I’ve not talked about the blurbs we’ve had in for BLOOD & FEATHERS yet – mainly because I can’t quite believe them and have to stop and pinch myself every time I start. But I figure I’m going to have to stop pinching soon, because my arm’s getting kind of sore, so.

Anyway, for your very delectation, here they are – and I’m so grateful to all the lovely people who took the time to read the book and to give us a few words…

“A hell of a ride, but heaven to read: eerie, compelling and very funny.” -Michael Marshall Smith

“It’s a challenge to take concepts older than the calendar and make them seem new. Louise Morgan has done just that. How to describe this, her debut novel?  Bloody Heavenly!”– Guy Adams

“Dark, enticing and so sharp the pages could cut you, Blood and Feathers is a must-read for any fan of the genre.”- Sarah Pinborough

“A storming debut! Lou Morgan writes with confidence, style and verve. Who would have thought that going to Hell could be so much fun? A must read.”  – Mike Shevdon

“Dark, surreal and wickedly funny, Lou Morgan’s reimagining of the war between Heaven and Hell mixes angels, alcohol and ammunition to serve up a joy of a read.” – Tom Pollock



Ha! Yes. I’m still alive. This is me, running in and waving before I run out again, hands over my head to avoid the flying shrapnel.

It’s been a ludicrously busy few weeks (hence my notable absence) which has included – but not been limited to… [deep breath]

copy edits, Clarke Award, Time Attack racing, holiday, writing stuff, Kapow!

[and collapse]

All of which I will talk about, at least a bit, and including the now-traditional “What I Read On My Holiday” post (spoilers: will include some Dark Tower. Shocking, I know).

However, none of this is going to happen today because of, well, stuff.

So instead, I leave you with the awesome Awesome People Reading tumblr.

Hand me that flak jacket, would you?

Burn it Down

Chances are, if you’ve been here before, you know I’m a Linkin Park fan. I’ve made no secret of the fact “When They Come For Me” from the A Thousand Suns album (my favourite, although I know it’s a divisive one) was hugely important to the writing of BLOOD & FEATHERS, so a new album looming on the horizon is a very big deal. And the first single will always get my attention…

As an aside, anyone with a Pendulum / LP-fandom crossover (like me) will either love or hate this.