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A long, long time ago – before I even had a Kurt Cobain poster in my room (the slightly grainy, black-and-white one. You know it. I imagine it came from Smash Hits….) there was a Take That poster on my wall. I was young. Naive. A bit keen on Gary Barlow. I make no apologies: my adolescent crushes could form a guard of honour stretching from Brighton back to Wales, both figuratively and literally.

So it was really inevitable that at some point, and entirely flying in the face of my current taste for noisy German music & dubstep, I’d cave and get the latest Take That album. What can I say? Every now and again, even my inner pre-teen wins out.

And while I avoid the ballads like the plague (some things never change) there’s some feisty little pop songs on there. This one has to be one of my favourites, and it’s been on repeat over the last week… for more reasons that one.

The quality’s crappy and the less said about the video that’s been put together for it (youtube! Why hast thou abandoned me?) but it’s not a bad live version of what must be a fiendishly difficult song.

And let’s face it, don’t we all feel a bit like that on a Monday?

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