Collected Assassinations 2: A Stab in the Dark

Wow. You guys loved that “collective noun for assassins” question that Jenni posed the other day.

I don’t blame you: I loved it too.

I promised I’d collate the ideas people came up with (which were mainly via Twitter & Facebook). So.

We had a creep, a betrayal and a bastard of assassins; a bleed, a cache, a nest (like vipers, only with swords and stuff?) and a pocket of them – a veritable deathmatch, then a mark, and a target of assassins.

(We also had “a sleeve of men-at-arms”, which is up there with my favourite things ever).

However, the most popular by far was a “stealth of assassins“, and if you’re going to crowdsource grammar, I guess the popular vote must be the winner. Now there’s a thing I never thought I’d say.

So, a group of assassins must be, and henceforth will rightly be called… a stealth of assassins. On this blog, anyway.

(Bonus points also go to a massively jet-lagged Adam Christopher, who went straight to the heart of the issue with his customary laser-like insight, proclaiming the correct answer to be: “a bunch of assassins.” We’ll let him off this time, won’t we?)

Any more for any more? Going once… twice…….



    1. I like a slew. It’s maybe a bit… informal for a collective of silent death, perhaps, but it’s good.

      My most recent ones have been tending towards twee: a heartbreak of assassins, anyone? No? [tumbleweed]

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