Blood And Feathers


I guess now’s a good time to say that my novel, “Blood & Feathers” has been picked up by the amazing team at Solaris and will be published by them next year.

I’m not sure it’s entirely sunk in yet, but I’m overwhelmed by the lovely messages I’ve been getting on Twitter since it was announced, and incredibly excited to be working with the Solaris guys.

“Blood and Feathers” ended up being a very personal book, and it means a lot to me that it’ll be out there, in the wild, ready to ambush unsuspecting readers.

I warn you, though: it probably doesn’t fight fair…



    1. Not to worry, Ms Womble. Thank you: I put it all down to your mad palm-reading skillz 😉
      (I think I’m probably getting to the age where I need to stop doing that whole down-wid-da-kids thing. Even with the ironic air-quotes round it. Still, not *quite* there yet, eh?)

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