The Lost Boys: David’s Initiation

Here’s a nifty thing I came across on youtube this morning – a fan-made mash-up of “Stand By Me” and “The Lost Boys“. It’s clever, because it works on the premise that Ace from “Stand By Me” grew up (or not, as the case may be) to become David, leader of the Lost Boys.

(Some of the audio samples make this a touch NSFW, by the way. Unless you have headphones…)


Alright, so there’s a slightly wiggy bit in the middle where the films don’t quite mesh, and it does totally disregard everything we know about Ace as a character in his own right, but I like this. Actually, given the enormous crush I’ve had on David (and Ace, now I come to think about it) since I was about 13, it would be very difficult for me to actively dislike it.

In all fairness, I like most things Lost Boys-related… although while I’m sure I’ve seen the second one (The Tribe), I don’t remember a thing about it – and I still can’t decide whether this means I should give it another chance, or take this as a warning to be heeded.

Either way, this little mash-up trailer works for me: I did always wonder where David came from, and this seems as good a match for his character as any I’ve ever thought up!



  1. Not sure if you knew, as you havent mentioned it in your post, but interestingly, it was because of his role as Ace that Kiefer Sutherland landed the role of David a year later.

    Joel Schumacher chose Kiefer after seeing Stand By Me, his first film role. His role in Lost Boys then got Schumacher to pick him again for Flat Liners, and the rest is history.

    I have to say though, 25 years later – Lost Boys is still the best film soundtrack EVER!

    1. That is interesting (although I thought “The Bay Boy” was Sutherland’s first proper role… or was that a TV show? Can’t remember offhand!) My favourite LB trivia is that David wears gloves because Kiefer broke his hand arsing about on a motorbike on set and had to cover up the cast for the rest of the shoot.

      I still love that film – and that character – to a level that verges on inappropriate. “Flatliners”, too – Nelson’s a great character.

      And yes, the soundtrack is *awesome*. It was the album that got me into the Doors 🙂

      1. I wasnt 100%. Stand By Me was his first US film role. He had done a couple of Canadian films before, one of which you correctly pointed out was Bay Boy.

        Ha! The glove things doesnt surprise me at all.

        I have a hankering to watch the film again now, for Kiefer, and that other dark haired vamp that was also quite tasty played by Billy Wirth. NOM NOM NOM

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