Bring the Noise

I realise I’ve posted quite a lot of music-y entries lately, so I thought it might be a good time to do something which is both largely the same and completely different.

I’ve been forced – forced, I tell you – to upgrade to itunes v. 10, and so I’ve been faffing around in my music library and playlists and quite by accident selected the playlist that I’ve used for my last WIP (what’s the past tense of work-in-progress, I wonder?).

These are the songs I listened to while I was first writing, then editing, shredding and weeping over it, then piecing it all back together. I’ve seen a few “Writing Playlist” blogs recently, and I always find them interesting… so apropos of nothing, here’s mine.

It might well not mean much (other than to my lovely, lovely beta readers and the other exceptionally brave souls who’ve asked to read the manuscript, and to be honest, it might well not mean much to them, either!) but you know I always enjoy an opportunity to bang on about my favourite noises. And you never know, you might find something new in there. So, in no particular order…

OneRepublic: All the Right Moves

The Pretty Reckless: Make Me Wanna Die

Fort Minor: Believe Me

Fort Minor: Slip Out the Back

LostProphets: It’s Not the End of the World

Audio Bullys: Only Man (Jakwob remix)

Linkin Park: Burning in the Skies

Linkin Park: When They Come For Me

Linkin Park: New Divide

Unicorn Kid: Dreamcatcher

Pendulum: The Island, Part I & II

Pendulum: Watercolour (Rob Swire’s Drumstep remix)

Rammstein: Ich Tut Dir Weh

My Chemical Romance: Bulletproof Heart

My Chemical Romance: The Only Hope for Me is You

Lady Gaga: Teeth

Dead by Sunrise: Walking in Circles

Clint Mansell: Dead Reckoning

Chase & Status feat. Plan B: End Credits

Yeah. It turned into that kind of story.


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