If you remember my post on Polly Morgan from a little while back, you’ll know that I often like my art a little, well… odd.

Step up Nancy Fouts.

Surreal, whimsical and occasionally confrontational (one of her pieces, Holy War, is a hand-grenade covered in religious iconography, and her version of Little Red Riding Hood appears to be on her way through the woods to a Klan meeting), she recently launched her upcoming London show by sending a coffin adorned with a floral tribute through central London in a hearse. Which in and of itself isn’t enough to draw attention… unless you know that the flowers spelled out “Bastard”.

She likes to re-engineer objects (take her Thinker/Degas mash-up…) to make the viewer reconsider their own prejudices and assumptions about the world – as well as towards the objects themselves.

Also: it looks groovy.

Her show, Un-Think, is on at the Pertwee, Anderson & Gold Gallery in Soho, and there’s a photo gallery of some of the pieces on the BBC’s website.

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