The Naming of the Ways


London has some excellent street names.  This one’s right next to the Millennium Bridge, on the way from St Paul’s over to Tate Modern.*

The City has some of the best (and most notorious) street names I’ve ever seen: most of them are either connected to trades–there’s Milk Street and Bread Street not too far from each other off Cheapside. (There’s even–cough–Gropec*nt Lane and all manner of other bizarre epithets, all of which go back to the old City). But the one in the photo is my favourite thus far.

I have to admit, I’m not sure I’ll be able to rise to the challenge of finding Airwolf Street, but I did pick up an Angel Street on the way home (midway between St Pauls and the Barbican). And, being the type of gal I am, that’s good enough for me.

So now I’m thinking. We know there’s a wealth of streets with interesting /inappropriate /odd names around the place (York, you’ve got to be right in there, haven’t you, surely?). What are your particular favourites? And–more importantly–how many TV shows can we find? Is there a Buffy Avenue somewhere? If not, why not?

Oh, and if someone… anyone… can come up with a street name that involves Airwolf, give me a shout, would you?


*By the way, Ai Weiwei’s “Sunflower Seeds” installation? Incredibly poignant and thought-provoking. I didn’t see the point at all until I was standing in front of it. If you get the chance–even if it’s just to drop in and spend two minutes looking at it–do. You can’t walk on the seeds any more (boo) but somehow, that makes it all the more powerful. It’s free & runs until May.



  1. How about these two…

    John Carpenter Street, London
    London names streets after horror movie directors.

    Nether Hornpot Lane, York
    Nether Hornpot Lane

    Also Bleeding Heart Yard in Clerkenwell and Crooked Usage in Finchley…

  2. How could I forget Bleeding Heart Yard? Good call (also an excellent pub/restaurant/thingy). And if York hadn’t come up with the goods, I’d have been utterly crushed. *Crushed*

  3. It’s not London and it’s not TV related but “People With Aids Plaza” in New York is one of the stranger ones I’ve seen.

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