Edge of the World

Things will be a little up and down around here for the next week (or five). There’s a couple of reasons for this: first is that I’m almost finished on the first draft of my novel-work-in-progress, and it’s starting to take over a little too much of my head for my liking. The only solution to this is surely to hit it with a stick until it goes away (the story. Not my head. Because that would be both painful and incredibly awkward to explain) and this is best done by writing it.

Second on the list of reasons is that I’m moving house on Friday. That’s this Friday, and as it stands, we don’t actually have anywhere to move to (don’t get me started on the joys of being part of a property chain). It’s not a terrible worry, but it’s a bit of a pain trying to work out what needs to be packed for storage, and what we’ll need for the next few weeks while we’re being all peripatetic. I’ve found gin immensely helpful–at least I did until I had to pack it. Now I’m going to have to start poking around all the sealed boxes with a penknife, a corkscrew and a straw.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I might drop off the world for a bit. But you know me: I’m like a bad penny (where did that phrase come from? Anyone know?) and I’ll turn up again soon enough.

I’ve still got a few days yet, though…



  1. The grass is alays greener right? ‘d kill for a bit of hectic right about now.

    Good luck with the move and everything though! You are staying in Blighty right?

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