Kill Shakespeare

The cast of "Kill Shakespeare" (c/o

I didn’t get round to this last night (it’s been a long week…) but I stumbled across a comic “inspired by” Shakespeare’s work: Kill Shakespeare.

The closest thing I can think of to it is Fables: it’s all a bit meta, with Shakespeare being sought out by his several of his characters in an attempt to defeat the forces of evil led by Richard III…


What intrigues me about this is not so much that it’s a straight adaptation, but one which takes Shakespeare as a jumping-off point for the kind of story we more often associate with comics–the website bills it as full of:

action, romance, comedy, lust, drama and bloody violence.

You had me at “Shakespeare”.

Obviously, I’m a little sad that the creative team looks to be an all-male one, (plus ca change, right?) but I’m curious as to what they do with their main female characters: Lady Macbeth and Juliet… who survives the events of “Romeo & Juliet” and apparently turns ninja-rebel-warrior-badass. Fingers crossed.

Read more about it here, and here.



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