Little Epiphanies

It’s my son’s birthday. He’s 3 today, and I honestly can’t work out where the time’s gone.

Actually, that’s not entirely true: I know most of it’s been spent swearing, crawling round the floor (I’ve gone through the knees of five pairs of jeans in that time) and doing washing. There seems to be an endless march through the kitchen of clothes in need of a damn good clean these days. No-one warned me about that.

Also, while we’re on the subject, no-one thought to warn me that the smaller the socks, the easier they are to lose–and I was already a champion league sock-loser. There’s something almost zen about it.

Still. Three whole years. And in that time, he’s gone from a tiny wrinkled blue thing to a smart little boy who asks me why it’s dark at night (“Because it’s night time, and it goes dark at night.”… “But, why?”… “Because the sun goes to bed at night, because it’s tired.”… “But, why?” “Because.”… “But, why?”… “Because Mama needs a gin. Shhh.” Apparently I should be grateful: when I was 3, I turned around and asked my parents: “How did carrots first get on the Earth?” I’m not entirely convinced that I wouldn’t answer the same question with “Tralfamadorians“) and who told his first joke last week. Granted, it was one wholly plagiarised from Gigglebiz, but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

As it turns out, he’s not the only person I know celebrating today: big birthday cheers to my friend Andie, and to the lovely Guy Adams.

Rod Rees, too, has cause to be happy today: it’s publication day for Winter: the first volume of “The Demi-Monde“. Long-time readers of the blog (especially if you’ve come from the old Tumblr site) will know I’ve been behind this book since I heard about it in March. Rod was kind enough to send me a proof of it during the summer, and I couldn’t put it down. It’s a glorious romp, and I’m intensely jealous I didn’t think of it first. Or ever, because I can’t even begin to imagine how he fits it all into his head. And there’s another three to come…

I interviewed Rod for the British Fantasy Society a couple of months ago. The full interview, with much more insight into how the Demi-Monde functions, and the challenges of writing it, will appear in a future issue of the BFS Journal. For now, though, you can read a short version on the BFS website.

Big day. I’m off for a glass of champagne.



  1. A belated happy birthday to your little boy! He sounds awesome.

    I will never understand where my friends who are parents get their energy and patience. Go you for getting your little boy this far, and may this year be more awesome than last for both of you.

    1. Thanks: he’s a pretty amazing little guy. This afternoon he came upstairs and asked if he could watch “Labyrinth” (specifically: “the goblin one. With the magic dance.”) How proud was I?

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