Tesla’s Revenge

So I guess I’m not the only one who likes the Tesla coils. They are pretty impressive.

A couple more hits from the sparkbox: the first is the lab scene from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” which I saw recently – it’s fun. It’s not necessarily good, but I liked it anyway.

(If you’re the type who follows such things, it features Nicolas Cage’s 3rd most improbable hairdo to date, sliding neatly in behind “Con Air” at number two, but coming nowhere near “Ghost Rider“, which is so firmly entrenched in the number one spot I don’t think anything’s ever going to shift it. Not even Nair. This one’s nowhere near as bad, but it’s, well… peculiar. And topped off with a hat–which actually seems to work. Maybe it’s magic?).

So. Yes. Watch it: you’ll like it. Where was I? Oh, yes: the coils are playing OneRepublic’s “Secrets”, so it had me at hello. Metaphorically speaking.


And on the subject of improbable hair (and even more improbable accents) the man himself even turns up in “The Prestige“. Alright, he’s David Bowie, but who’s arguing…?


If anyone has any more Tesla-centric movie moments, I’d love to know. Because I’m a geek – but we knew that already.




  1. If you’re interrested in N. Tesla, read ‘Des Ă©clairs’, by Jean Echenoz. It’s a somewhat fictional biography of the inventor, that shows how he mesmerized american investors, led to the invention of the electric chair, and how, at the end of the day, he liked pigeons more than humans.
    And happy new year!

  2. That sounds great, Octave – although you know as well as I do that my French is somewhat, err, *vague* so I may have to scrabble round for a translation… otherwise I’ll be reading it veeeeeeerrrrrrry slowly! I can’t imagine how you’d begin to make Tesla battier than he was, but I guess that’s as good a starting point as any.

    And to be honest, who doesn’t like pigeons better than people? Really?

    (How are you, by the way? Still in Paris, or somewhere even more exotic these days?)

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