A Very Lovecraft Christmas

If you read my story in Hub Fiction recently, you’ll have guessed I’m a bit of an HP Lovecraft fan. And as such, no Christmas is complete without the occasional Old One stopping by for a spot of sherry and a mince pie (although their mince pies tend to be made of people, which makes baking for them ahead of time a real pain).

Anyway. Merry Christmas, and may your most eldritch wishes come true.




    1. Oh, if only it had! I remember seeing a cuddly Cthulu Christmas tree decoration, I think, a couple of years back, and making a vow that one year I would have an entire tree’s worth of Old Ones. This year has not been that year. [sadface]

      I’m now seeing an entire Beanie Baby collection: get them all, starting with Dagon. (Scent of rotting fish not included)

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