I was probably the last person on the planet to see this film. Seriously: I hung on for dear life, avoiding spoilers and sticking my fingers in my ears, chanting “Lalalalala” at full volume every time anyone so much as whispered the word “totem“.

However, it was worth it because when I did finally see it, it was at the IMAX. And I couldn’t for the life of me work out whether it was the sheer size and impact of the screen or the film that made my head hurt.

Still, I watched it again the other day: at home this time, and while it makes my head hurt a little bit less, it’s no less brilliant. It feels a bit like it’s jumped straight into the “one of my favourite films ever” slot – although I’m still slightly unconvinced by the character of Ariadne. I know what she’s for, and I know the narrative would be even more brain-addling without her, but I’m not sure I believe in her–although do I enjoy the name she’s been given. But it’s a small quibble, given the wealth of Good Stuff going on, which I won’t list, because you know it all already. (Arthur & Eames, though, are now storming away as my favourite characters, which is interesting as they mirror each other in so many ways.)

Anyway, via my friend Sheamus, who runs Twittercism, I found an article on the shooting script, and an interview with Christopher Nolan, conducted by his brother Jonathan.

It’s totally geektastic, and this book is so going on my Christmas (or maybe after-Christmas) list…


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