Cloudy with a Chance of Ratbirds

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I still can’t quite decide what I made of this film. It’s… well, it’s odd.

As you’ll have gathered from the trailer, the set-up is simple: down-at-heel town. Local nutter-slash-lovable geek-slash-wannabe inventor comes up with a plan to rescue the town from an eternity of eating sardines (bear with me) by creating a machine that turns water into food, by mutating its molecular structure (or something).

Still there? Yes? Good. Of course there’s a girl, and yes, you were right to twitch when you read the word “mutating”…

But! There’s a talking monkey, who’s obsessed with Gummy Bears and who mostly says “Steve!” and “Hungry!” There’s a town mayor who’s so awful you want to slap him with a frankfurter. There’s a house made of jelly (jell-o. Whatever. I want one because it is awesome), and there’s the best chic-to-geek makeover ever: a literal reversal of the, “Why, Miss Jones! You’re beautiful!” moment.

It’s an odd concept–I’ve never read the book on which it’s loosely based, so I can’t judge exactly where the weird comes from–but it’s weird in a nice way, and funny – and really rather geeky. It probably helps if you love disaster movies (and I do) as it relies fairly heavily on an affectionate parody of the genre. But with chicken suits. No, really.

Above all, though, there’s the ratbirds.

Oh, the ratbirds.

I did say it was odd…


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