So, the snow, huh? Lots of it. Lots. Although–I’ll be honest–we’ve had a fairly pitiful amount round my way, and this has led to lots of muttering about this-not-being-the-weather-I-ordered and intermittent peering out of the window on my part. I know. I never claimed I was particularly grown-up.

Luckily for you, though, you now get the chance to look at Cool Stuff: the first being this groovy picture from NASA, picked up from @dodgyhoodoo on Twitter yesterday.

Supercell thunderstorm: Sean R. Heavey

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sat there with my mouth open when I saw it?

Secondly: my lovely friend, silly-number-of-BFA-winning artist Vincent Chong has got a special Christmas offer running on his site: order one of his prints between now & year’s end and you’ll get 20% off the price.

Vincent’s work is amazing–he’s definitely one of my favourite artists–and it’s certainly worth a visit to his site. Take a look around, read his blog (do tell him I sent you: it’ll make him nervous) and say hi. And if you’ve ever fancied any of those illustrations of his, there’s clearly no time like the present…



  1. The same dodgyhoodoo (or Andy, as I believe he’s known to the rest of the interwebz) very elegantly described it as looking like the sky had turned carnivorous.

    Which scares me quite a lot, actually…

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