Cafe au Chat


Sometimes, I’m impressed by my inner self-editor. The temptation to call this post “Cat-purr-cino” (or something along those lines) was very nearly overwhelming. But it really is the most rubbish pun ever, isn’t it?

Anyway. I’ve only recently discovered the phenomenon of the Tokyo cat cafes, and I’m equal parts fascinated and bemused.

Yes, of course I can see the appeal of hanging out in a cafe full of cats, making a fuss of the residents–particularly in a city which is known for its hardworking attitude and often draconian tenancy agreements, both of which leave little time and space for pets.

But on the other hand, as someone who is regularly ignored, insulted and–occasionally–out & out manipulated by her very own feline, I’m not sure I’d want to pay for the experience of getting that special look that only a cat can give you. (It goes up, then down, then up again, followed by an expression that clearly means, “What?”, before the cat in question turns tail, stalks off and falls asleep on top of your laptop.)

Still, at least in these places there’s a variety of cats available to slight you. You know, just in case one doing it wasn’t quite enough….




  1. I wonder whether people like me are the target audience for these – they’ve had to move to somewhere new because of work and they haven’t been able to take their cats with them… I’d seriously use one of these if they had them here. I miss those cats, which translates to just missing cats…

    1. This is it: I can see, if you like cats & live in an apartment block where you can’t keep them, that the cat cafe is the ideal thing. In fact, next time I have to clear cat sick off the end of the bed at 3am, I might ask the lord high Luteus (our own particularly haughty cat) whether he wouldn’t like to go and live in one. (I’m kidding, of course. I love our cat – even if he does use me as a scratching post and bring live squirrels into the house…)

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