Round the…

Can’t talk. Have just come home from a 2-hour driving lesson on roundabouts. I could barely even unclench my fingers from round the steering wheel, so forming sentences is a bit of a challenge. I never realised quite how many roundabouts there were round the outside of Epsom racecourse–nor how much fun they are to go round. In the dark. And the fog.

Fog?! Yes, fog. And I’m sitting there, thinking, “You’re kidding, right?” Apparently, neither my driving instructor nor Mister Weathermaker were.

Anyway. To ease my troubled mind, I’ve found me some new gin. Sipsmith’s, specifically, which I’ve been hankering after for months. And it’s sloe gin (so much easier to catch than the normal, quick kind…). I’m not being worthy like Mark Charan Newton, who is making his own–too impatient, me–but dear me, if anything’s going to shake off the driving lesson jitters, this’ll be it.

Two things. First: if you’re in London and you’re not coming to the launch of Solaris’s “End of the Line” anthology tomorrow night, why aren’t you? There are contributions from brilliant authors, and it looks great. As far as I know, tickets are almost sold-out, but there’s still one or two available–so look alive & get in touch with Foyles to reserve your spot.

Second: I saw a trailer for Chico & Rita the other day, and it looks like it’s worth investigating. It’s all jazz and Cuba and… stuff.




    1. And how is it? I do like a nice gin (as you might have guessed). I’m particularly keen on Hendricks, but I’m keeping my eyes open for the non-sloe Sipsmiths. The sloe’d-up one, by the way, is excellent. Very like.

  1. Glad you survived, would have gone to the the Foyles thing but was just too knackered. Get the book for Christmas.

    Mister Weathermaker? Heh, made me think of “The Weathermonger”, the book by Peter Dickinson that was part of the “Changes Trilogy”, turned into the 1975 TV series “The Changes”. Got that set of books somewhere, must dig it out again…

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