Leave Out All The Sunshine

Or something.

One of my favourite recent sci-fi films is Sunshine, for a good number of reasons. I like its look and its plot, and it doesn’t creep me out like Event Horizon does (and boy, does that film creep me out. I first saw it on some bizarre late-night cable channel out in Bangalore the best part of a decade ago and sweet lord, it still bothers me). But I digress.

How I’d not come across this video before, I’m not sure, especially as it’s one of my favourite songs from the last Linkin Park album (in spite of the Twilight connection, it’s a song that actually has very real meaning for me). But it’s definitely got that Sunshine feel to it. In more ways than one….

It’s making feel all warm and fuzzy.

Or maybe that’s the supernova. It’s hard to tell.


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