The Pumpkin Posse

Remember my pumpkins? Oh, stop smirking. These ones, which I was wittering on about a while back. Yes. Those ones.

Halloween’s been and gone, and you’ll be pleased to know that yes, those brave little pumpkins fulfilled their Halloween destiny. Meet the pumpkin posse:

Muscling in on the action, we have Jack. He’s big, he’s mean and boy, is he angry. (He came from Tesco. You can’t blame him, really)

Next up, Pinhead. He’s got an attitude that could only be described as spiky, and you don’t want to ask him what’s in the box.

And finally, there’s Mr Ouch. Poor Mr Ouch. He had a bit of a run-in with one of the kitchen knives and it’s not looking good for him. Or maybe he’s so sad because Small Boy has christened him “Dot”, for no apparent reason?

So there you go. Pumpkins: nutritious and evil. Round here, at least.

Who says Halloween’s just for the kids?


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