My Beautiful Librarian

I’ve spent lots of time in libraries, as I’ve mentioned on here before. And I have many opinions (often involving some quite colourful language) on Shelving Systems I Have Known And Loved–step up, Senate House and your quite remarkably bonkers system which no-one understands noteventhestaff…

Anyway. I fear librarians are a misunderstood, much-maligned lot–or at least, I did until I saw this epic article over on io9: librarians who have saved the world. Woot to the librarians! (My favourite’s Lucien. Because he’s, you know, Lucien. But you knew that already.)

Oh, and on the subject of books: she’s not a librarian, but is arguably no less beautiful – the downright fabulous Sharon Ring of Dark Fiction Review has announced that along with Del-Lakin Smith, she’s setting up a brand new audio magazine site: Dark Fiction Magazine. It launches, of course, at Halloween, and I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got in store.


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