Carry On

Friday night is music night, right?

And no music night is complete without self-indulgent twiddly guitar solos…

Ladies and gentlemen: I give you… Kansas.

Oh, yes.



  1. Apparently, there’ve been mutterings for years about a soundtrack album. I would *so* buy that. Honestly, I would. Every episode, I sit there thinking, “Wait! I love that song!”

    I had seen the EotT video–because, as you say, I am a Dean girl and I suspect there’s some kind of rock-centric gravity at work–and it genuinely cracks me up, so thank you for the link 🙂

    Also, proof that the Impala really is a muscle car: it doesn’t even flinch. And yes, I do absolutely want Dean’s boots (not a euphemism. Honest). This is probably bad.

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