Beep-Beep, Vroom-Vroom

I’m having driving lessons. I had my third one this week–and my heartless, sorry, helpful driving instructor continues to convince me that I’m hurtling towards metal-flavoured death at high speeds. Well, 30mph. This time, he made me go round the notoriously evil roundabout in the middle of town. Twice.

You think I’m kidding about the evil part, by the way? I’m very not. I have it on good authority that this particular roundabout gets up in the middle of the night and goes and stomps on people’s garden gnomes, before stealing babies’ teddy bears from their cots as they sleep. So yeah.

Anyway: this week–the dizzy heights of third gear (yay!). And to celebrate, I’ve been looking for a car.

I want this one.

Yes. That one.

I’ll never go anywhere, but it sure as hell can boogie.



  1. Hope your driving tuition go’s well Lou.

    As for the evil roundabout, I believe all of them have a latent amount of evil in them, dependent on their size and complexity.

    Props given for going with manual gear shift as well.

    Good luck with the car hunting.

    1. In truth, I do already have a car – I’ll be taking charge of our lovely Mini Clubman. The Other Half is already looking for vinyl graphics to put on the roof (you know: things like “Keep clear”, “Biohazard”…). At the moment, it looks like we’ll be having a spectral grim reaper. Because it’s very cool.

  2. I feel your pain chuck. I learned to drive at the tender age of 35 and I just didn’t want to do it, I did it only from a family perspective. Meaning that is was unfair of the wife to be responsible for any driving we might do when the kids appeared (yes, they just appeared, we were rather shocked!).

    But a dancing car might just make me more positive…

    1. I know – you could just park up and watch it, couldn’t you? Enter it in dance-offs and watch it trample the competition (literally).

      Actually, it’s quite encouraging: I’ve had a whole bunch of people tell me they didn’t learn until they were in their 30s. I thought I was all alone!

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