Running Red

There is a film that is so genuinely bizarre; so honestly, way-out-there wacky that I’ve seen it twice now, and still have only the barest grasp on what it’s about.

And bizarrely, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

The film is “The Crimson Rivers“, and I’ve written a feature on it for the new issue of Hub Magazine.

If you’ve not seen it, you should really give it a whirl–particularly if you like Jean Reno, Vincent Cassel, thrillers, snow or, err, Virtua Fighter. It’s fantastic.

Speaking of films, io9 have a brilliant snippet of original Back to the Future footage on their site – you know, the stuff that has Eric Stoltz in it. God, he looks cool. Admittedly, he’s definitely more Donnie Darko than Marty McFly (I’ve read in a few places now that he was eventually replaced for being “too intense”. Hello? Eric Stoltz? Intense is his middle name. Eric Intense Stoltz) but still, with the black jeans and the jacket…

Like, woah.




  1. People used to say I looked like Eric Stoltz. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (breath) Hahahahahahahhaha…..

  2. I watched this a while ago and enjoyed it. The sequel’s not as good though. I’m definitely a Jean Reno fan – LEON is one of my favourite films.

    1. I’m reliably informed that it’s even more bonkers. Which I find hard to believe, but stranger things have happened… My abiding memory of this film will always be the “Hey, what hazmat suit? I am French!” Cassel crypt-cracking scene. I heart him, for many reasons.

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