Angel of the Thames

I know. Yesterday it was a haunted painting, tonight it’s angels. Baby, don’t tell me I don’t treat you right.

The first recorded sightings of the Angel of the Thames seem to have been in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1666. Shortly after the flames died down, six “apparations” were reported in and around the ruins of the City of London: one was even mentioned by Samuel Pepys.

The “angel” has been seen repeatedly ever since, popping up both at times of historical significance (both Great Wars, as well as during the Festival of Britain) as well as at seemingly random periods. Most interesting is the fact that “proven” (and yes, we’ll use that word loosely) sightings have always been in sixes.

There’s a list of recorded sightings here, as well as several photos. More recent pictures can be found here.

I read Kate Griffin’s “The Midnight Mayor” not long ago, which hinges on the idea that there’s a figure whose role is to protect the City and its boundaries: maybe she’s onto something….


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