Taking it on

The BBC are running a story about a-ha’s “Take On Me” on their website today. It’s 25 years since it first charted.

Twenty-five years.

Now I feel old: it’s the first music video I remember seeing on Top of the Pops.

But still: twenty-five years!?!

So, in celebration…

Yup. Still good.


  1. I love that video, and that song. It’s like my ultimate fantasy combined with great clothes, great hair, and a song of top notch awesomeness. I’m such an 80s child.

    And I would read that story, if anyone ever wrote it.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever got over the leather jacket Morten Harket has in that video, nor the way he’s in the corridor at the end, basically beating himself up against the walls. It says: tough, yet vulnerable.

    The 80s. Much maligned–mostly by those who weren’t fortunate enough to pass their formative years within them 😉

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