The Cure For All Ills

I am sick.

This is a pain in the proverbial, partly because my particular brand of poorly today comes with an extra-special bonus migraine: one which has knocked out half my vision (and means that while I’m crashed out on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, I can’t even bloody read. And that’s annoying because I quite fancied starting Guy Adams‘s “The World House“).

So. Ill. Can’t see straight. What could mend this sort of a problem?

While I figure that out, have a beer. Or twelve…

I could spend hours on that page–if I could see well enough to, you know, read. Which I can’t, because I’m sick, so.

I could also spend hours on the actual beer…  but see my previous complaint.



  1. Hmmm – I guess there’s always audio books and podcasts, but not quite the same. I don’t suppose you’ve successfully trained your cat yet to fetch the single malt?

    1. I eventually opted for sleep (which I would still be doing now, were it not for the fact I’ve got a driving lesson – no, don’t panic, I can see again) and being incredibly grumpy. Still doing the latter.

      Besides, knowing Luteus, he’d drink the scotch. He’s that kind of cat.

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