And Now For Something Completely Different

Ever wondered what’s on the television in all those alternate realities out there?

Me neither.

Still, now you can find out

My favourite listing from the Alternate Reality TV generator so far?

In the glove compartment of a Rolls-Royce, a well dressed little boy is drawing a skull and crossed bones with a felt tipped laundry marker on Gammera despite the drizzle of Real Lemon concentrate.

I’d so watch that.



  1. I’ve seen it, it starts off slowly but I’m glad I gave it the ‘five episode before giving up’ rule, as it gets very good later on – first season cliffhanger is a beaut!

    You’d like it too I think…I think…too…

  2. And now it’s believed everything yellow is about to disappear! I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming at *all*.

    I love it. It’s the oddest thing ever, and I don’t entirely understand it – but that does nothing to lessen my adoration.

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