The Inner Leonard

(oh, drat you, Youtube, what with your fancy-schmancy embedding disabledness. But go and watch the clip on the site anyway. It’s good. I promise)

I love The Big Bang Theory. OK, yes, I love that one too–Fred Hoyle for teh winz, yay!–but generally speaking, it’s all about the TV show. If I find an episode of it on, no matter the hour, channel or number of times I’ve already seen it, I will always watch it. It’s perfection. But someone suggested to me a while back that the reason it sends me off into hysterics is that I sort of lived it.

They may well have a point: I once shared a flat with three computing guys (one of whom was convinced he owned the Matrix–it’s a long story, and I think he had a touch of the Y2Ks. Best not go there) and one physicist. Not only was I the only girl in the apartment, I was the only non-scientist. They were interesting times. But, I hear you ask, was I a Penny?

Uh, no. The general consensus is that I was a Leonard–albeit a much thicker one who to this day can’t grasp how or why a blast furnace works (and, frankly, wonders why anyone cares--don’t we have machines to run all that kind of thing now: ones with groovy names like Skynet and Cylons and HAL and stuff?).

Anyway, there are people out there who haven’t seen this show (unbelievably) and so don’t know quite how wrong they are.

More importantly, this is an explanation–and the closest you’re ever going to get to an apology, by the way–to the friend who was on the receiving end of my “Sarcasm!” sign a while back. Yes, I did that. I’m afraid I can’t help it… it’s my inner Leonard.

I suspect there’s one of the Big Bang Theory boys inside all of us, particularly those of us who lean towards the comics and the gaming and the lolcats and the scifi and the general geekery: I found mine, so who’s yours….?



  1. I’m an F.B.I. agent! I was chatting to Sharon Ring about this today. I’ve always had a fascination with them and end up going all hero-worship on them…

    So that is the inner-…? in me…

    1. Do *you* enjoy taking vast quantities of dangerous psychotropics and immersing yourself in a rusty isolation tank more often than is advisable (or strictly necessary)?
      If the answer’s “Yes”, then congratulations! You’ve discovered your inner Olivia Dunham.


      I swear, we were watching a film the other night (I think it might have been Babylon AD–interesting, but with possibly the worst last line I have ever heard) and when some particularly fancy bit of tech popped up on the screen, I found myself saying, “I bet that’s Massive Dynamic.”

  2. This is my wife’s favourite programme and one of mine. Problem is my wife is Sheldon… no seriously she is a geeky engineer with major OCD. I don’t think she laughs at the programme so much as nods along with Sheldon in utter bemusement at the goings-on of the lower-life forms!

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