Pack Up Your Troubles

Well, I’m off to the bright lights of Nottingham for a couple of days, for Fantasycon. I’m really looking forward to it, as it’ll be a chance to catch up with lots of people–most of whom I’ve not seen since World Horror in March–and to meet some new ones too.

I promised myself I’d pack light, you know, just fling a few choice things in a bag tomorrow morning… FAIL. I’ve actually spent the last half hour sitting on my case and inching the zips on it together to get it to close. Sitting on it. This for a trip which will inevitably see me wearing jeans & a t-shirt a good 80% of the time, and for which I’ll be away the dizzying total of 2 nights.

Girls, eh?

Try not to break anything while I’m gone…


    1. That’s bonkers, Donna. Sack your tour manager! 😉

      I’m worried about how much stuff I’m likely to end up bringing back, too. I’ll have to try and find one of those old-fashioned hat-wearing railway porters who push trolleys full of matching luggage with someone like Barbra Streisand sitting on top of them.

      Is there an appropriate song to belt out in those kind of circumstances, I wonder? (And what rhymes with Nottingham?)

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