Zombie School

I loved the story the BBC are running on their website today about the university running a zombie studies course, particularly as I only got round to seeing Zombieland on Tuesday.

I’m just wondering what I’d major in, given the option.

You know, trying to work out which of the course modules might prove most useful in the long run.

Parkour for Beginners, maybe. Hack ‘n’ Slash 101, an Introduction to Howitzers and Flamethrower Shop – these are all good, not to mention the extra-credit Athletics (Running Veryveryvery Fast) module.

So let’s ignore for a moment that the college in question is billing this as a sort of pop-culture-but-a-bit-serious-too course and consider it as a straight degree in how not to get eaten by zombies, shall we?

Tell me: what classes would you take to help you survive the zompocalypse?



  1. Not suer about classes, but I would like to know what you thought of Zombieland. I was fairly disappointed. Seemed like an obvious attempt to emulate the success of Shaun of The Dead, but done by Americans who miss the point of practically everything that isn’t American.

    1. I’m not quite sure what I made of it – although it did have some great touches: notably how it kept referring back to Columbus’ rules the whole way through. It makes you, as the audience, feel like you’re in on the joke as you’re sitting there thinking “Double-tap” over and over again. I liked that. It made me feel clever. 🙂

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