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Three book-centric things for you this evening. (Did you have a good bank holiday weekend by the way, those of you in the UK? In true bank holiday fashion, I spent most of Sunday wondering how that much water could come out of the sky without it being the sea, and half of Monday afternoon on the sofa, drinking tea and reading SFX. So.)

First of all, I’d like to thank the lovely, lovely people at Solaris Books, who’ve sent me Rowena Cory Daniells’ “King Rolen’s Kin” trilogy as part of their “Competition of Kings”. While I’ve not had the chance to start on them yet, it’s a great story, and a series I was already looking forward to very much. The white covers, too, with art by Clint Langley are incredibly striking – particularly on a shelf which seems to have become an ocean of black and grey lately. I want to stroke them. Is that so very, very wrong?

Second: Fantasycon will soon be upon us (yes!) and this year, the BFS want you to do something different. We all know we’re going to come home from Nottingham with more books than we can decently store, but how about bringing some? That’s right: this year, the BFS is running a Bookcrossing event.

How does it work? Simples. See those groaning shelves over there? The ones with books now stacked two deep, and with other books slotted in sideways on the top? Go over there and dig out a couple of books that maybe you’d like to find a good home for. (Perhaps you’ve read them to death and know every last semi-colon. Perhaps they weren’t your bag to begin with – but you’ve not quite been able to bring yourself to take them to the charity shop.) Take them down from the shelf, register them on the Bookcrossing website and get them a BCID code. Write this inside the book, then bring them along to Fantasycon. There, you’ll find somewhere to drop them off – and to look through everyone else’s books for something you might want. And it doesn’t cost you a penny.

See? It’s just a giant bookswap. And if it goes well, the BFS wants to make it a regular feature of Fantasycon, uniting genre lovers with books in a whole new way. You know about the Dealers’ Room, you know about the book launches – now you can take part in the Bookcrossing.

If everyone coming to Fantasycon brings just two books, that’s… well, maths has never been my strong point, what with the numbers and the adding and the subtracting. But it’s a lot of books. But everyone needs to get involved. So start sorting through your shelves. Sign up at Bookcrossing – it’s free – (or if you really don’t want to sign up, the BFS has an account available to use) and spread the word! We want to make this the best genre book-swap out there. More details are available on the Fantasycon site.

And the third thing? Well, that’s easy. Remember I mentioned I might have some news of my own a little while back? It’s this: the story in the new issue of Hub Fiction? It’s mine.


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  1. I spent the bank holiday doing very little for most of the Saturday and Sunday and being bought a meal (and lots of wine) in London by my father-in-law on Monday. In truth time was actually spent sorting out boxes under the bed and all the junk in my bureau drawers so my wife can find space to put all my RPGs that she’s selling on Amazon and Ebay (GURPS mainly) and organise proper locations for stationary/sewing materials/craft supplies etc. Time was also spent scribbling up background material for my never-to-happen Red Dwarf fanfic (NOT slashfic), listening to music by James Newton Howard, Phillip Glass and Tomaso Albioni (American Beauty, Roving Mars and Addagio in G respectively), and a couple of new Goon Shows (The Mighty Wurzlitzer and Ye Bandit of Sherwood Forest). Also getting caught in the rain so my wife could forage for blackberries.

    Bookshare, good in principle but I can never let go of a book, having my RPG collection sold off is traumatic enough (and she’s NOT getting Skyrealms of Jorune or Ringworld or Space 1889!).

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