Wanted: Reviewers!! (via Beyond Fiction )

Beyond Fiction Reviews are looking for (rather predictably) reviewers.

Of course, that’s not to say that they’re not looking for the occasional wheelwright or particle physicist too – but mostly they’re after reviewers.

So if you’ve got what it takes – namely the ability to benchpress a year’s worth of trade paperbacks, and to recite the entire Dewey Decimal system in Aramaic*, then give them a shout.

*Note: one or more of these requirements may be a lie. But if you can do either, I’m sure they’ll be dead impressed…

Would you like your name spread all over the internet? Do you like writing reviews of books, films and games? Do you sometimes think, I could do better than that when reading a review of your favourite book or film? Well, now’s your chance. Beyond Fiction is recruiting reviewers for these pages and we’re inviting YOU to send samples of your work to us. We’re looking for top quality reviewers, who can provide us with in-depth write-ups of genre ma … Read More

via Beyond Fiction


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