Signs and Wonders

Sometimes, you wonder if the universe isn’t trying to send you the odd hint, give you a not-so-subtle nudge. Take this afternoon, for instance. There I was, walking along and mulling over An Idea in my head – one which may or may not involve the odd monk (interpret that however you will). I got to a junction, looked up… and on the other side of the road, directly opposite me, was a monk. Walking along, minding his own business and probably mulling over his own ideas.

But… makes you think for a second, doesn’t it?

Mind you, then it started absolutely chucking it down and both random monk and I got completely soaked – so maybe the universe was just trying to tell us both we really ought to start carrying umbrellas.



    1. Dear god, that’s terrifyingly meta. I’m now questioning whether I do, in fact, exist.

      No, no – it’s OK. I can’t possibly be a figment of someone else’s imagination: I’d be more organised and have tidier hair. Phew!

  1. “The rain it falleth on the just
    and on the unjust fella.
    But less so on the unjust,
    for he hath the just’s umbrella.”

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