SLEEPLESS cover art

One of the most incredible things about doing this – and by “this’, I mean “writing” – is when a book stops being a Word document full of sentences and (in my case) typos and starts becoming… a book. With pages and a cover and everything.

A lot of this happens in edits, where someone else comes in and you start to work together to make your story the best it can possibly be (and take out remove all the words you massively abuse. I use “out” too much. Who knew?). And anyone who tells you they don’t need an editor is fibbing.

But for me (and, I suspect, for a lot of writers), a book really starts being real with a cover.

And I’ve just got the cover for SLEEPLESS...




What do you think?

It’s been designed by the incredible Ali Ardington at Stripes, and I absolutely love it.

There’s a little more to it than what you see here – but you’ll have to wait until the books are finished to find out exactly what that is….



Don’t go to sleep…

With their wealthy parents and expensive homes in the exclusive Barbican complex at the heart of the City of London, Izzy Whedon and her friends at The Clerkenwell School seem like they have it all… but success comes at a price.

As the pressure of the upcoming exams gets too much, Izzy and the others resort to taking a “study drug” they find on the internet – and by the time they realise there are side effects, it’s already too late. When one of the group disappears, the others discover the horrifying truth behind their miracle pills.

Plagued by hallucinations and paranoia, they learn there’s only one way out: to stay awake until the drugs are out of their systems.

If, that is, they can last that long…..

In ebook from July 2014 and paperback September 2014 from Stripes Publishing, as part of the RED EYE series of YA horror books…


ETA: if you like the look of SLEEPLESS, go check out the cover to Alex Bell’s FROZEN CHARLOTTE – another of the Red Eyes…

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